New Power Cable M15.3 MK 2 has been released

M15.3 MK 2 - Power Cable released

Finally the power cable M15.3 MK 2 has been released and in the picture You can see the first batch of 6 power cables leaving the company these days.

The precedent version has been realized back in 2011 and has been supported by the taste of lot of music lovers over the years. Smaller improvements marked its live, but nothing really radical, small cosmetics.
This time the improvement is real. A complete new calibration of the EFT circuit has been implemented. The result is a more defined bass response, tailored to clearly distinguish the deep bass from the percussive bass.
The new M15.3 MK 2 keeps the musicality of the previous version, increasing the dynamic and the introspective capabilities with a tonal balance able to easily reproduce from the hard rock to classical music. 

On the contrary of other companies we are not able to deliver a new astonishing product every week, we need time because every time we need to surpass ourselves and achieve a better result and a better level than before.

However, never forget to check the absolute electrical phase of Your equipment. As stronger reminder we deliver with each reference power cable and harmonizer a phase testing screwdriver.

Reference loudspeaker bridge - SPJ 6.01 Ref.

We have been asked several time to make a more performing and a longer bridge for the loudspeakers. But our target was so high, that we never matched our expectations. In the end we suggested the customers to get a short loudspeaker cable... but that was not, what we thought to be the right solution. 

We started and made several attempts to reach where we wanted to get. It was not easy to find the right solution. But the idea came and we made the new loudspeaker bridge.


The right solution was to forget everything we knew about bridges and try to rethink it from scratch. It had to match our shielding philosophy and to permit the flexibility needed for a bridge.

And we made a step forward, a completely new bridge that even permits the customer to adapt the performance of the bridge adapting the shielding. This permits to use it in any direction. For sure You have seen the little bananas along the bridge.

These permit to connect the shield in 4 different ways:

  1. on the minus side
  2. on the plus side
  3. on both sides
  4. on neither side
Depending on the side You are connecting You get a different sound tune. Finally we have been able to get a more performing bridge. So we can say this is a reference loudspeaker bridge and it is a start for new projects and ideas that are buzzing in our minds.

Ethernet Cable - ETH 8.0

Finally we also completed the path of the digital signal including the Ethernet cable in our offer. It is an extraordinary cable made of very high quality components and, of course, some of our magic as well.

It is a real cat 8 cable. He can transport up to 2Gbit of data at a distance of 30m without losses. But this is not really what it is about. It is about having a complete natural sound experience in our digital chain. Normally the digital music sounds a bit detached and harsh. This is a way to start solving this issues. Once You connect it, even if You do not believe in these kind of cables, You will understand and enjoy the big difference in the performance of Your system.

Of course it is not just the components, of course there is our mechanical vibration damping system, there is our advanced solution for shielding the conductors and reduce as far as possible the malevolent influence of the environment. 

It is not just an ethernet Cammino cable. It is a further step in Your path to music.


SPK 14.4 Ref. 4,5m - final tuning of the cable

Slowly, but steady, we are reaching the competition of the development of the 4.5m long Reference loudspeaker cable. It was an hard bone to chew: the target was very high and the references were giving hard time reaching the goal.

Soon finished. Soon available. Finally.

New Packaging for some of our products

It took longer than expected and far longer than deserved. But finally they are ready. We received them yesterday from the producer. Tomorrow they will be used officially for the first time!!

On the way

Since longer time there were no news from us. We were hardly working on the look and the packaging of the products.
Now we can concentrate again on the communication. Soon You will enjoy the new brochures and the new web pages: we want to be ready for the Munich High End!

PHB 1.0s AW - XLR Phono cable with complete tonarm wiring

One after the other, our product portfolio increases. Now is the time for the Phono Cable to extend his presence: XLR with Tonearm Wiring in the basic configuration. Here it is the PHB 1.0s AW. Enjoy!!

We focus our product portfolio

We focus our production and our presence on the market on 3 series of products.

=> Series 1.0:
an affordable first level to start in the Cammino world. This series bears a low price level, without penalizing the performances

=> Series 2.0: a mid price cable series, that delivers a really high quality in sound, the best price performance ratio in the Cammino world

=> Series EFT Reference:
this series includes all Cammino technologies and musical knowledge, no compromises in terms of sound and quality

In the interest of clarifying the lineup of the products delivered to the customers and deliver even better price performance ratio, we discontinue the EFT-Standard series.