We are not after getting reviews from magazines, but sometimes it happens that we meet some journalists interested in our products… then something goes on paper and on web

40 years of Pluto turntables at Audio 21

When I asked Marco, our distributor for Netherlands, he spread enthusiasm about the results of the show at Audio 21. These are, more or less, his words:

The show went great! Lots of visitors, great sound, even AJ (van den Hul) participated personally. René van Es took the pictures (now in the gallery) and will write a show report of the day.
It was the first show ever worldwide with 4
Pluto turntables. We played with the Gran Gioia's and the Genuin FS 2's and for the first time with a complete van den Hul amplification set-up!
All the Plutos played with the new Crimson cartridge from van den Hul.

You can read a report on the event written by René van Es on the pages of page

This is the setup:
- Blumenhofer Gran Gioia
- Pluto 10A turntable
- 9a Pluto tonearm (Cammino wired)
- van den Hul Crimson card
- VdH Grail SB (Holy Grail) phono preamp.

Yes You read well, this is the first official appearance of a Cammino tonearm dedicated Cable: the start of a business relationship.

Visit at STS Digital

On the trip trough Holland we started a cooperation with STS-Digital as well.
This is the post production room and, as You can see, there is a Power Harmonizer on the system, from now on, all CDs and LPs produced by STS-Digital will use a Power Harmonizer!

Visit at Henk and Marja of 6moons

In an idillic Dutch landscape, we had one of the most important meeting in the last few years, and we were a little bit nervous at the beginning... but just at the beginning!!
Henk and Marja, a very nice couple, collaborating in their free time for 6moons, one of the leading e-zines for HiFi in the world, have been able make us feel welcome at once.

The reason, of this nervousness was simply that this was the most challenging exam for our products. It was the test wether our products was worth putting on the market or not...
...the result will come sometimes in the future, but something we can already tell You, straight from the beginning the feeling was good. Straight from the beginning both of them Henk & Marja liked the finely structured thinking behind the product and the philosophy supporting it.

Here to see some pictures made there.

Review of the H 3.1 on

Marc van Berlo from issued a valuable review of our Power Harmonizer in Dutch.
Here You can read his review.

I do not understand Dutch language that much, but in the end Marc purchased the H 3.1 from our Dutch distributor, I think this is the best reference!