Reference loudspeaker bridge - SPJ 6.01 Ref.

We have been asked several time to make a more performing and a longer bridge for the loudspeakers. But our target was so high, that we never matched our expectations. In the end we suggested the customers to get a short loudspeaker cable... but that was not, what we thought to be the right solution. 

We started and made several attempts to reach where we wanted to get. It was not easy to find the right solution. But the idea came and we made the new loudspeaker bridge.


The right solution was to forget everything we knew about bridges and try to rethink it from scratch. It had to match our shielding philosophy and to permit the flexibility needed for a bridge.

And we made a step forward, a completely new bridge that even permits the customer to adapt the performance of the bridge adapting the shielding. This permits to use it in any direction. For sure You have seen the little bananas along the bridge.

These permit to connect the shield in 4 different ways:

  1. on the minus side
  2. on the plus side
  3. on both sides
  4. on neither side
Depending on the side You are connecting You get a different sound tune. Finally we have been able to get a more performing bridge. So we can say this is a reference loudspeaker bridge and it is a start for new projects and ideas that are buzzing in our minds.

Ethernet Cable - ETH 8.0

Finally we also completed the path of the digital signal including the Ethernet cable in our offer. It is an extraordinary cable made of very high quality components and, of course, some of our magic as well.

It is a real cat 8 cable. He can transport up to 2Gbit of data at a distance of 30m without losses. But this is not really what it is about. It is about having a complete natural sound experience in our digital chain. Normally the digital music sounds a bit detached and harsh. This is a way to start solving this issues. Once You connect it, even if You do not believe in these kind of cables, You will understand and enjoy the big difference in the performance of Your system.

Of course it is not just the components, of course there is our mechanical vibration damping system, there is our advanced solution for shielding the conductors and reduce as far as possible the malevolent influence of the environment. 

It is not just an ethernet Cammino cable. It is a further step in Your path to music.


Review of our Reference M 15.3 Power Cable on

Wojciech Pacuła from wrote a very nice review of our M15.3 Ref. Power Cable. Until now we only have read it with the support of the automatic translation... looking forward for the English version.

 You can read it here we hope You can enjoy it in the same way we did.

SPK 14.4 Ref. 4,5m - final tuning of the cable

Slowly, but steady, we are reaching the competition of the development of the 4.5m long Reference loudspeaker cable. It was an hard bone to chew: the target was very high and the references were giving hard time reaching the goal.

Soon finished. Soon available. Finally.

New web page

It was long due, but there was always a reason to delay it... now no more. We finally have a new web page. A complete redesign, responsive, nice, simple and essential... https, privacy statements (because we were already compliant) and so on is now there.

Today it went online, feel free to rediscover it and the whole of our products.
Feel inspired to upgrade Your hifi chain with our products.
Ask questions, whatever You are curious about: each question could be a nice inspiration to implement other sections in the pages.

In the next few days and weeks we will add all event galleries, handbooks, technologies and a whole bunch of information.

 The new Cammino Web page

btw, of course, some mistakes will be corrected in the next times as well ;-)

Klangschloss Greifensee

Soundrevolution's Setup at the 2018

Our Swiss distributor, participated to the Klangschloss in Greifensee, near Zürich.

This time we had the chance to challenge very high quality products from other manufacturers. And this time has been a success as well. The comparison, even if for a small margin, brought the choice to our products, and therefore there has been a complete Cammino setup at the show.

The setup was composed by:
- Merging Nadac 8 channel DAC-Preamplifier with external power supply
- Gato Audio CD Player
- Gato Audio Mono Power Amplfiiers
- Whole cabling by Cammino
- Decouplers from Omicron
- Loudspeakers Genuin FS 1 MK 2 from Blumenhofer
- Rack studied and developed by us in Attalens
From the pictures in the gallery of Soundrevolution (here) You can have more information about the components and how they have been connected in our setup
We all enjoyed the show at the Klangschloss and the great engagement of Marcus to have a great show in the amazing avenue. Looking forward for the Klangschloss 2019.
In the meantime You can browse here some pictures of the 2018 event, in the web pages of Soundrevolution

Review of our phono cables

After our visit in February HiFi Stars published a review of our phono cables in the issue 35. It is the first review about our phonos and of our cables at all: we were a little nervous for this debut. But everything went well, really well.

Here You can download and read the german version of the article
and here the english version. Enjoy!!

The printed magazine (here online) will appear in the shops on the 2nd of June 2017!

Visit at HiFi Stars - Mr. Aschenbrunner

We paid a visit to Mr. Aschenbrunner at the Silvia Oelkers Verlag to talk about something that always arises lots of discussions: cables and power. Some people do not believe that mains power and power cables can drastically change the quality of an HiFi system. Alexander Aschenbrunner is firmly convinced that high quality links bring huge differences in the quality of the reproduction.
As usual we started making a complete phase check of the system (I will not tell You how it was before 😜) and then ended up with a complete Cammino cabling on the whole chain.
After connecting the Power Harmonizer and all the other cables, the whole system started to perform more and more dynamic and powerful. At the end of the day, without suffering of any tiredness we started playing the Dark Side of the Moon at really high SPL levels. Wow, that was amazing!! We would have continued, but slowly time for dinner came.
Mr. Aschenbrunner was pleased and surprised, even though it was just a short session he appreciated it (as, of course, we did).
He confessed me that he spent a quite part of the day after to reach the same level we had at the end of the listening session using his own gear. But he did not tell me whether he reached the result or not.
Soon there will be some more info about Cammino in those pages.


After a long time spent in refreshing and exploiting several chances that have been put 😉 on our path, now we will refresh the look of our web page and complete lots of information missing. We will have new pictures and several new sections in the web pages. It will be an ongoing project and we plan to have it fulfilled about the Munich High End 2017…
We are and will be committed to deliver to You the best value for money and a music richness which is the only thing we appreciate trough and trough.


This was one of the most important task to be completed before the Munich High End of 2016. We now have new brochures and You can even download them from our web pages. Have a look here. In the next few weeks we will introduce in this download area even the older brochures available.